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Controlled Atmosphere Cold Room

Wide range of application: suitable for the storage and preservation of various fruits, vegetables, flowers, seedlings, etc. in the north and south of China.

Long storage period and high economic benefit. For example,  it can keep fresh for grape 7 months, 6 months for apple and 7 months for garlic moss, the quality is fresh and tender, and the total loss is less than 5%. Generally, the price of grape production area is only 1.5 yuan / kg, while the price of grape storage can reach 6 yuan / kg before and after the Spring Festival. Once cold storage built up, the service life can reach 30 years, and the economic benefit is very significant. 

Simple operation technology and convenient maintenance. The temperature of refrigeration equipment is controlled by micro-computer, which can automatically start and stop the machine without  professional person's supervision. The supporting technology is economical and practical.


There are many kinds of air-controlled fresh-keeping storehouses, the most typical one is the vegetable fresh-keeping storehouse, which can not only adjust the temperature and humidity in the storehouse, but also control the content of oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases in the storehouse, so that the fruits and vegetables in the storehouse are in a dormant state, and still maintain the original quality after leaving the warehouse.

The complete controlled atmosphere storehouse includes air controlled room, pre-cooling room, normal temperature hall, technical hall, platform, sorting processing room, machine room, power transformation and distribution room and control room, duty room, pump room, circulating water tank, etc. In addition, there are some supporting facilities, some auxiliary buildings and supporting facilities should be considered and arranged according to the scale of the gas regulating reservoir and the actual needs.


Controlled atmosphere storage is the main place for fruits and vegetables to store and keep fresh. After fruits and vegetables are collected, they still maintain a strong ability of life activities. Respiration is the most obvious manifestation of this life activity. In a certain range, the higher temperature, the stronger respiration and the faster aging, so for many years, the traditional fruit and vegetable cold storage has been using the method of cooling to extend the storage period. Air controlled room is to reduce the content of low oxygen and increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in a low temperature and high humidity storage environment, so as to inhibit the respiratory intensity of fruits and vegetables and better extend the storage period.

There are also pre-cooling rooms in the air-conditioned warehouse, which are used to cool fruits and vegetables. Before the air-conditioned storage of fruits and vegetables, in order to remove the heat in the field and prevent some physiological diseases, the pre-cooling room should be cooled gradually and timely. The quantity and size of pre-cooling room shall be determined according to the scale of gas regulation warehouse and daily purchase quantity. Because setting up pre-cooling room will increase investment and increase the workload of transportation and stacking of fruits and vegetables in the warehouse, the air-conditioned warehouse may not set pre-cooling room, but directly send fruits and vegetables to the air-conditioned room for cooling, or add a set of pre-cooling device in the finishing room to replace the pre-cooling room.

The room temperature hall is the passage for fruits and vegetables to enter and leave each air conditioning room, and plays the role of communicating each air conditioning room and facilitating the loading and turnover. In the air-conditioned cold storage of small fruits and vegetables, due to the small number of air-conditioned rooms, it can be combined with platform or finishing room instead of normal temperature hall.

There are railway platform and highway platform for loading goods. The small-scale air conditioning depot only has a road platform 0.9-1.1m higher than the road surface, which is consistent with the height of the vehicle in and out, and the width is generally 4-6m

 In the construction of the air-conditioned cold storage, another important place is the machine room, which includes the refrigeration machine room and the air-conditioned machine room. The layout of the equipment in the machine room must conform to the process flow. The flow direction should be smooth and the pipeline should be short, which is convenient for installation and operation management. The area occupied by the disassembly and maintenance of the equipment components should be reserved to make the equipment installation compact and make full use of the space in the machine room In order to save the construction area and reduce the construction cost. Make the equipment installation as compact as possible, and make full use of the room space to save the building area and reduce the construction cost.

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