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Medicine Cold Storage


1. Whole blood

Storage conditions: it needs to be stored in a special medical cold store at 2-6 ℃ and used within the validity period. If the whole blood leaves the specified temperature for more than 4 hours, it will be invalid.

2. Erythrocyte suspension

The cold storage condition of red blood cell suspension is the same as that of whole blood.

3. Concentrated red blood cells

The cryopreservation conditions of concentrated red blood cells were the same as that of whole blood.

4. Wash red blood cells

Storage conditions: the storage temperature is 2-6 ℃ as that of the whole blood, and the storage time is not more than 24 hours. Because the washed red blood cells are washed in an open way, the probability of being polluted is particularly high, and they should be infused immediately after being taken back to the ward.

5. Frozen red blood cells

Storage conditions: after thawing and washing, the frozen red blood cells shall be stored in a special cold storage at 2-6 ℃ for 6 hours, and shall be infused immediately after taking out.

6. Plasma

Storage conditions: the storage conditions of plasma are generally stored in the plasma bank below - 20 ℃, which is used within the validity period. The plasma shall be infused immediately after it completely melts in the cold room. If it cannot be infused in case of emergency, it shall be stored as ordinary blood in the cold room at 4 ℃ for no more than 24 hours without pollution.

7. Cold precipitation

Preservation conditions: This is consistent with the cold storage temperature and method of plasma. Patients should be infused as soon as possible after the cold precipitate is completely melted.

8. Platelet

Preservation conditions: the preservation temperature of platelets is 20-24 ℃. During preservation, platelets should be preserved by concussion and used within the limited period of platelets. Platelets should be quickly injected according to the patient's physical condition after being taken back to the ward.


Bloody plasma cold freezer room in Beijing. 

This freezer room volume requested is 1200 CBM, and temperature will be at minus(– )20 ℃ for bloody plasma storing warehouse. The detailed requirement is as below, 

1.Bloody plasma cold freezer room temperature need to below minus (-)20℃, and the intermediate staff temperature is below minus (-)30℃.

2.The building aim is no defrost and ice happened at the wall, ceiling and floor of cold freezer room.

3.The electrical control panel need to do some adjustment on the programme of defrost except for the condensing units’normal running high low pressure, oil pressure difference, overload protection, that means it can be switched between automatic and hand control defrost, the defrost time and period can be random setting. It imposed to finalize the defrost time and ultralow temperature protection. After defrost, the programme condensing unit is selected on cold to make room temperature reach minus (-)20℃, while fan motor start after several minutes running. The room temperature can be read in the guardian room, all settings can be done at the control panel screen. 

4. What we have done is to rebuild cold room insulation, and change new evaporators inside of cold room, and add new standby condensing unit to meet the demand of abruptly broken down or large scale input products. The defrost can be automatically processed in time after install one timer, the standby condensing unit can start to work for cool temperature during the evaporators defrost time difference. All this can meet the customers’demand.   



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